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Partnership Opportunities

These engagement opportunities vary in complexity, allowing industry partners to choose the level of involvement that aligns with their capacity and resources. Whether through simple interactions like guest speaking or more immersive experiences like hosting projects, each contribution adds significant value to the students' learning journey in Queen City CAPS.

Engagement Opportunities

A partner helping two students with a real world hands on projectGuest Speakers:

  • Share insights and experiences with students.
  • Discuss industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.


  • Host facility tours to showcase real-world work environments.
  • Provide hands-on experiences within your workplace.


  • Engage as mentors, offering guidance and advice.
  • Foster one-on-one relationships with students.

Partner Project Collaboration:

  • Collaborate on authentic projects relevant to your industry.
  • Provide real-world challenges for students to solve.

Host Sites:

  • Open your organization as a host site for students.
  • Allow students to experience day-to-day operations.


  • Invest in the program to support its growth and sustainability.
  • Sponsor specific projects or events within the CAPS program.


  • Offer internship opportunities for CAPS students.
  • Provide a structured learning experience within your company.

Workshops and Training:

  • Conduct specialized workshops or training sessions.
  • Share industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Networking Events:

  • Attend networking events organized by CAPS.
  • Connect with students, educators, and other industry partners.

Industry Advisory Board Participation:

  • Join an advisory board to provide strategic guidance.
  • Contribute to curriculum development and program improvement.

Innovation Showcases:

  • Attend and support year-end showcases where students present their work.
  • Evaluate projects and offer constructive feedback.

Career Exploration Opportunities:

  • Participate in career fairs or career exploration events.
  • Provide information about various career paths in your industry.

Mock Interviews:

  • Assist in conducting mock interviews to prepare students for the workforce.
  • Provide constructive feedback on interview skills.

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