Female student learning about the Queen City CAPS program from a academic advisor

About Queen City CAPS

Welcome to Queen City CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies), where education meets innovation. CAPS is a transformative educational experience, forging unique collaborations between our students, local industries, community organizations, and educational institutions.

At Queen City CAPS, learning extends beyond the traditional classroom. Students actively engage in real-world projects, immersing themselves in professional environments and contributing valuable solutions to businesses and organizations. This hands-on approach to education ensures that our students acquire essential skills and experience the authentic challenges and opportunities of the professional world.


We believe in empowering students to find their purpose and strengthening our community.


Queen City CAPS envisions a dynamic educational collaboration, uniting students, industries, and community partners. Our vision is to cultivate innovative thinkers, equipped with purpose and practical skills, driving positive change in their careers and our community.

CAPS Network

Queen City CAPS proudly belongs to the globally recognized CAPS Network, offering access to a wealth of resources, best practices, and innovative strategies.

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